International Poster Competition finalists

Hello, we are first year students and we have already succeeded in international competition!
We have been shortlisted among thousands of participants as finalist of international poster competition To Death with a Smile held by Mexican Museum of Design. Nowadays there is still ongoing exhibition of finalists at Mexican Museum of Design and the winner of the competition will be announced on 27th March, so keep your fingers crossed.

The theme is about death, a personal consideration or approach, the meaning, in our own culture, how we fear, celebrate or deal with it. Each of us chose different approach to the theme.

poster_gabriela_prattingerovaGabriela: My poster is about problem of killing innocent bulls during the famous Running of the Bulls in Mexico.

I tried to portray this rough theme in more gentle way by using fragile art of origami folding, while showing dual view on the bull forced into bull race and the bull saved from the violence.

Elena_olejova_posterElena: Nowadays, not only the young generation is always on smart phones – online …we are living dual life – one in physical reality and one with the virtual identity.

The main message of my poster is to point out, how the society changed throughout last couple of years. People are expected to be virtually connected.

If you are not online, you have no access to important information, social events; you lose friendships, you don’t exist, you are dead.

I wanted to portray different view on the word “dead” as it certainly has more than one.

Elena Olejová and Gabriela Prattingerová, international students

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Dear Mom, I’m going to China!

Thomas Truelsen, an international student from Multimedia Design, has been commissioned to add Chinese sub titles to his groups Introduction Theme video, “Dear Mom” , to be used in context with a marketing/recruitment trip to China.

Great work Thomas!

Check out the video below…

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1st Semester Intro Theme Videos

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